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Color Changing Silica Gel


The silica look like a semi transparent sugar size crystal and is used as moisture absorbent. They are lighter in weight than regular silica gel.

Blue color crystals means it’s ready for use. You can keep flowers in container and spread these silica crystals as a layer on top. More flowers can be added in same box essentially placing silica crystals in between flower layers and then on top. When crystals turns to pink color, it means they are saturated and need to be recharged before further use.

To recharge, keep them in sunlight or in microwave for 3-5 mins or in oven for 3-5 mins at 80 degree Celsius. You can also use cooking stove top, place these in any wide mouth utensil on slow flame and keep moving with help of a spatula/ spoon until they turn back to blue color.
Once back to blue color, crystals are fully free from moisture and ready to be used again.

Always handle them while wearing gloves
Keep in closed air tight container
Keep out of reach of children
Never eat or inhale.


750 gm, 1.5 kg, 3 kg


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Color Changing Silica Gel
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